Account Management

Account Management

Development, execution and follow-up on the activities of your brand plan.

  • Facilitate access to key trade accounts (on and off-trade)
  • Ensure availability and proper distribution of information, programs and objectives to your distributors and clients
  • Develop, in coordination with the brand owner and local agencies, sales and marketing materials customized to the market needs
  • Management, control and reporting of marketing budgets, depletion and inventory levels
Training & Communication

Training & Communication

Work with and train personnel to spread knowledge throughout your network.

  • Give training, education and advice to distributor’s staff and clients
  • Work with distributor to optimize PR campaigns
  • Facilitate access to local journalists, wine critics and bloggers
  • Call on key customers to obtain support for programs
  • Support events in a variety of formats
Logistics Coordination

Logistics Coordination

Make sure that all parts involved in the supply chain interact with maximum efficiency.

  • Work with distributors to insure proper inventory levels 
  • Facilitate and support ordering and documentation processes
  • Follow up on appropriate timeline of logistics

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