Why Next?


No matter which service or product you are selling, successful organizations are those who express their real aspirations and connect with the heart and souls of their audience. “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”, as clearly expressed by Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle principle. 

Winext Purpose
Winext Direction

In such a fragmented environment as the wine world, with so many product variations, we should start by asking why we are doing what we are doing, instead of spending energy convincing our customers that our wine is better than everyone else. When the purpose is clear and well expressed, the rest comes as a consequence.

“First we produce an outstanding wine. Consumers will come as a consequence.” It may sound awkward, but this belief still holds true for a good share of our community. Those days are long over and it is not enough to produce good wine. That's only the baseline for the business. When dealing with an agricultural product in such a complex environment, you need to know how to sell your product better than your competitors. Therefore, it is crucial to have in mind what will be your next step.

Winext Compass

Winext combines purpose with direction. We bridge the best from the wine world traditions with the vision and tools of forward-thinking businesses, enabling wine companies to perform at their best through authentic brand experiences for customers and the trade.

Winext Founder

Ahead of transforming Winext mission a reality, the founder Rodrigo Lanari is shaping his long-term expertise in the wine market into a whole new challenge: improving the wine industry in Brazil through compelling brand strategies.

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